Genius and the Sexes

> a growing number of research seem to indicate that the gene, or set of genes, for intelligence could be found in the sex chromosmes -- more specifically, in the X chromosome. Do you know what this means?

>> well, if that is true, and if (this is a critical 'if') the genes can ONLY be found in the X chromosome, then it would imply that genius males cannot have genius sons if the mothers do not have high intelligence themselves. That is of course adapting a strictly hereditarian view of intelligence. Nevertheless, in that view and assuming that the X chromosome has a monopoly on genes for intelligence, it would mean that males cannot exclusively pass on their intelligence to their male children.

> that's interesting, isn't it? do you think the research is definitive enough and that intelligence is determined by the X?

>> the recent results that came from the sequencing of the DNA and further examination of the X chromosome does indicate that a large number of mental disorders are directly linked with that particular chomosome.

> we're talking genius here, not retards.

>> where's your political correctness and sensitivity, moron? we don't use the word 'retard' here because it's derogatory. anyway, although the direct evidence seems to link the X with mental disability, it does connect intelligence with that chromosome. you see, if a mental disability is X-linked, it means that there is a damaged or missing gene on that chromosome. it is entirely plausible, then, that the same chromosome could contain the same set but 'enhanced' versions of genes.

> you mean to say that if a certain chromosome can contain defective 'brain genes', it can also contain excellent 'brain genes'?

>> precisely. after all, genetic defects usually results from missing or damaged set of genes. thus, if the genes are present and perfect, the trait is also expressed and expressed perfectly.

> hey, what about that genius sperm bank founded by graham? doesn't he just selected nobel prize winner who were overwhelmingly, if not exlusively, male? does it mean that none of the male children from those genius sperms were also geniuses?

>> that's curious, i haven't thought about that. perhaps you're not a moron after all. you're talking about Robert Graham's "Repository for Germinal Choice" and you're right that the donors were all male whose IQs are relatively high (although later revelations showed that none of the donors were actually nobel laureates). it's interesting to note that there had been follow-up studies on the children from that sperm bank and some male children turned out to be in fact very intelligent.

> now, those male childen sure did not inherit their X chromosome from their nobel-laureate father. is that a counterevidence that genius is linked with X?

>> not at all. you must remember that while Graham's criteria for donors were strict, he also had criteria for the female recipients. they do not have to be nobel prize winners, but they have to be at least well-educated. the mothers of the babies from the sperm bank are not morons in this case. thus, it is entirely possible that the male children who turned out to be highly intelligent got their Xs from their mothers.

> well, if all these evidence point out to the right conclusion, it only means one thing...

>> .... that the future of mankind's cognitive development depends on the X, and that genetic engineering might hold the holy grail for the ultimate potential of our species?

> nope, i'm not that universal in my outlook. it means, for me, that i should select very carefully who should i choose to become the mother of my children!

>> you are a moron after all. and if you are a moron, assuming all these evidence are true, it would mean that your mother is--

> -- now, don't you make another 'momma joke'!


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